Crazy About Cum

This is a blog about cum. I write about cum. I post photos of cum, most of which I gather from other sources, some of which are submitted by my beloved followers.

It’s not that I’m obsessed with cum, although I do love it. I just believe that there’s room in this world for another cum-blog, celebrating it for all its hot and slippery wonderfulness. I will write occasional cum-stories, cum-speculations, cum-paens, cum-poems. No limericks.

If I post YOUR pictures of cum, and you object to my posting them, please tell me and I will take them down. If you want to submit accounts of your own experiences or photos, I will happily provide a forum. If you have suggestions for cum-related topics you’d like to have me address, please let me know and I will comply if I can. I can be VERY compliant....
I will Suck. You. Dry.

I will Suck. You. Dry.

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